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Characters- Myrtle (Mrs. Wilson) Michaelis, and Mr. Wilson.
Setting- Mr. Wilson’s garage.
The problem- Mr. Wilson discovered that Myrtle had been cheating on him. They had a discussion and Myrtle ran to the street got hitted by a car and died.
Events- Mryrtle was angry and told her husband (Mr. Wilson) to beat her. Myrtle went outside and started waving her hands and shouting, Mr. Myaccidentrtle didn’t move when the car ran over Myrtle. Michaelis found went to see if Myrtle was still alive, but he discovered that she had already died. The newspaper called it the “death car” Michaelis told the police that the car was light green.
Resolution- There was not any resolution, because they didn’t found who had killed Myrtle. I think that the killing was planned by someone that knew Myrtle and did not liked her.


Characters- Gatsby and Nick.
Setting- outside of Nick’s house.
The problem- Nick thought that his house was on fire when he was on a taxi.
Events-Nick is been driven to his house on a taxi when he thinks for a moment that his house is on fire.It was two o’clock and the whole corner was blazing with light. Then he noticed that is was Gatsby’s house. He thought it was a party but there was not any kindtaxi sound. Gatsby wanted to invite Daisy for tea and Nick was going to help him.
Resolution- The house was not burning and Gatsby invited Nick to Coney Island and to swim, Nick refused to go.

nervousCharacters- Gatsbyand Nick
Setting- Gatsby’s car.
The problem- Gatsby asks Nick his opinion on him. Gatsby doesn’t want Nick to get bad ideas about him.
Events- Gatsby tells Nick that his family was rich, they where form the Middle West, that they all had died. Nick noticed that Gatsby was lying, because he was nervous. Gatsby said that he was very sad when his family had died and he wanted to die also. He also talks about the war.
Resolution- There is not any resolution but Nick is stating to see that Jordan Baker in right and Gatsby is telling lies. When Gatsby said that he had been “educated at Oxford” Nick noticed how nervous Gatsby was.

partyCharacters- Gatsby and Nick.
Setting- a party at Gatsby’s house.
The problem- Nick did not recognized Gatsby.
Events- Gatsby saw Nick’s face and it seemed familiar to him. They were both on the Third Division during war. Nick said that he had not seen the host of the party (Nick didn’t know that it was him).
Gatsby introduces himself to Nick and says that he is not a good host. Nick had not recognized him.

Chapter 2Characters- Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Mckee, Tom, Myrtle, Catherine and Mrs. Mckee.
Setting-The top floor of an apartment on 158th Street.
The problem- Tom and Myrtle were discussing weather Myrtle had the right of saying Daisy’s name, Tom did not thought so.
Events- Nick found them around mid-night face to face. They were arguing and Myrlte got a little too fustrated and started screaming out Daisy’s name, the particular object of their discussion. Tom got mad and slapped Myrtle across the face, he broke her nose. Everyone, except the ladies acted as if nothing happened.
Resolution- Nothing was resolved, it just happened and everyone went off as if they didn’t notice. I think Myrtle will end up alone in the end with someone to to mistreat her (Tom) or someone to love her. (Mr. Wilson) Tom will never be sorry for what he did. She means nothing to him.

girlCharecters- Nick, Tom , Miss Baker and Daisy.
Setting- Daisy is telling the story in the front.
The problem- When Daisy gave birth to her daughter she felt abandoned and wanted to know it was a girl or a boy.
Events- Daisy is telling about the time when her daughter was born and her emotions about it.
-Daisy said that she felt abandoned.
-She was glad that her baby was going to be a girl.
Resolution-Daisy asks the nurse if it is going to be a girl or a boy.

On Sunday I moved to the dorms. My parents drive me to the Brachman Residence Hall. My parents asked me where it was, I told him. But I said to him that I could not remember exactly where it was. My father parked on the parking lot and I entered the dorms. Then I went back to the parking lot and to get my suitcases and say good-bye to my parents.
My mother helped me carry my suitcases, to the Brachman dorms. Then my mother left and I got in line to register. One of the seniors helped me carry my suitcases to my dorm. I received a paper which I had to fill out with my information and gave back. Then I received my room number and key.
When I entered my dorm my suitcases where inside. My roommate’s grandmother, and mother were also there, they were very polite and introduced to me. I revised the room to make sure there were not any damages. I found several damages in the room, which I wrote on a pink paper.
Later we ate outside, and our RA went over the rules. They also confiscated cell phones from the students. I did not have my cell phone with me because I already knew that we should not have it. Last month when we came to the meeting they told us about the cell phones and other rules.
Later every group planned and acted one on the rules from the paper. Everybody had to participate; I got the part of the person that was surprised about the other girl’s bad words. The graduated seniors choose the winning group. Later at night we took a walk around the dorms. When we came back I went to my dorm to sleep, first time away from home.
Brachman Residence Hall

Sometimes when a mother is pregnant, she is thinking what sex her baby might be. She is hoping that is will be a boy. She is also thinking that it might be a girl as well. When she finds out that the baby is going to be a girl she is very happy. The important thing to her is that the baby is healthy.Sex

There are different kinds of cars. There are different sizes, colors and brands. people have different preferences. There are very expensive and also economic cars. Each person has a car according to their preferences and their money. When you are really to buy a car choose wisely.Cars

Groups of people that look and sometimes aare dangerous are gangs. Some draw gaffiti on the walls, others not. They are together because they share a common factor. Sometimes it is for the good and others not. We should never judge on how a person looks.Gangs