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DisappointedA time when I was disappointed was when my father would not let my mother, sister and me me got to vacations. At the begginning of the year he had said that he was going to let us go to Mexico on the summer. Once the summer vacations were near, we asked him again and this time he said no. I could not believe it he has changed his mind! We were not going on vacations to Mexico.
The summer vacations were near and we were so disappointed that my father would not let us go to Mexico. He said that it was dangerous if he didn’t went with us. He has only vacations on Decemeber which are four weeks. We didn’t liked the idea about going to Mexico on December because my sister and me only have two weeks of vacations on December. We wanted to go al three months of vacations on the summer, but that seemed like it was not going to happen.
Then my sister who is a year younger than than me started telling him the good things abou us going away. She told him that the electtricity and water bills were going to decrease. He would not have to buy a lot of food and other things. He continued saying no. I gave up hope. But my sister never did.
My sister countined every day asking him the same question ” would you let us go”, but he continued saying no. She kept asking him, the same question for a few days maybe evern weeks. Every time I heard her asking him, I thought what the answer was going to be, and I felt disappointed. One day my sister asked him “would you let us go” he said yes, when I heard that I could not believe it neither my sister. She continued asking and he continued saying yes.
We all were so exited and so happy. We all thanked my father and I thanked my sister. She never gave up until she had what she wanted.My disappointmet went away and we all were very happy. We planned our vacations and were anticipating to get there.



  1. Did you have fun in Mexico? I kind of always wanted to go there.

  2. I like how u got dat pic 2 go wit da story plan

  3. Timothy Dedmon

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