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questionsCharacters- George Wilson and Michaelis.
Setting- Mr. Wilson’s office
The problem- Michaelis is asking Mr. Wilson about his wife. Michaelis wants to investigate, but Mr. wilson doesn’t want to say anything, he is sad because his wife has died.
Events- Michaelis is asking Mr. Wilson many questions about his wife. He wants to know for how long they haven been married and if they has any children. He also asks George if he goes to church, since he can go and get help.  Michaelis wants George to talk to a prist because he doesn’t want to talk to him. George said that he did not belong to any. Michaelis asked George if he didn’t get married in a church, he just said “that was a long time ago”.  George said to Michaelis to look in the drawer.  Michaelis found a small, expencive dog-leash, made of leather and silver, and it looked new. George had found it yesterday afternoom, his wife had bought it. Michaelis didn’t saw anything odd and gave Wilson many reason why she might had it.  Mr. Wilson said that someone had killed Myrtle but his friend said that it had been an accident.

Resolution- There was not any reslution, Mr. Wilson did not wanted to talk about his wife Myrtle. He only said that the man in the car had killed her because she ran out to speak to him and he wouldn’t stop.  Then Michaelis thought about that it and realized that he had seen this too, but it had not occured tohim that there was any connection.


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