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Characters- Myrtle (Mrs. Wilson) Michaelis, and Mr. Wilson.
Setting- Mr. Wilson’s garage.
The problem- Mr. Wilson discovered that Myrtle had been cheating on him. They had a discussion and Myrtle ran to the street got hitted by a car and died.
Events- Mryrtle was angry and told her husband (Mr. Wilson) to beat her. Myrtle went outside and started waving her hands and shouting, Mr. Myaccidentrtle didn’t move when the car ran over Myrtle. Michaelis found went to see if Myrtle was still alive, but he discovered that she had already died. The newspaper called it the “death car” Michaelis told the police that the car was light green.
Resolution- There was not any resolution, because they didn’t found who had killed Myrtle. I think that the killing was planned by someone that knew Myrtle and did not liked her.


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