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Chapter 2Characters- Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Mckee, Tom, Myrtle, Catherine and Mrs. Mckee.
Setting-The top floor of an apartment on 158th Street.
The problem- Tom and Myrtle were discussing weather Myrtle had the right of saying Daisy’s name, Tom did not thought so.
Events- Nick found them around mid-night face to face. They were arguing and Myrlte got a little too fustrated and started screaming out Daisy’s name, the particular object of their discussion. Tom got mad and slapped Myrtle across the face, he broke her nose. Everyone, except the ladies acted as if nothing happened.
Resolution- Nothing was resolved, it just happened and everyone went off as if they didn’t notice. I think Myrtle will end up alone in the end with someone to to mistreat her (Tom) or someone to love her. (Mr. Wilson) Tom will never be sorry for what he did. She means nothing to him.


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